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Fitness Proficiency
This ten-week online coaching program is designed for you to lay the foundation for all your fitness goals.

Whether you are new to exercise or are looking to expand your fitness comfort zone, this program will prepare you for the path ahead.

Week by week, you will reclaim your body's natural synergy as you develop mastery of the foundations of fitness--breathing, posture, and the five (5) functional movement patterns. Not only will you learn how to properly, safely perform the squat, hinge, carry, pull, and push, but you'll also learn how to effectively create your own fitness regimen

By the end of the program, I guarantee you will feel confident that you have the knowledge and tools to embark on the next step of your fitness journey.

FUNCTIONAL FOUNDATIONS may very well change your life. 
  • Video Demonstrations / Written Content / Video Feedback
  • Daily movement prescriptions w/ an interactive workout log 
  • "Fitness literacy" component that demystifies fitness lingo
  • "Nutrition literacy" component to simplify healthy eating
  • Access to Aly Di for questions, concerns, & guidance
  • Group support and accountability
Take back rightful status as master of your own body! When you build a solid foundation, you will get excited about movement again, find joy in your body's capabilities, and feel empowered to reach all your fitness goals.
Enroll Today!
Group coaching kicks off Monday, May 1st!

Enrollment will be capped to ensure individualized attention to those who choose to invest in this group coaching program.

While personal training sessions cost upwards of $100/hour and require a paid gym membership, this unique online group coaching experience will cost you only $20/week  and can be completed at home at your convenience.  Plus, you'll have access to me for personal attention as needed. Take advantage of the incredible value!

"While fitness is important to me, having gained so much weight and being so out of shape made it seem overwhelming to even start, let alone continue, a fitness regimen. Having a professional program my workouts has eased me back into exercise so gently that I actually look forward to working out and trying new things! I am never sore or overtired from my workouts, and in the end they give me MORE energy to accomplish all that my busy lifestyle demands of me."
Client, Aly Di Fitness
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